‘Happiness is…’

The Park Cinema team started shooting anthology film ‘Happiness is…’. This is already the second anthology film, consisting of novice directors works, which we are shooting with the company ‘Walt Disney Company CIS’ (the first film ‘Happinnes is..’ released in 2015). For shooting, jury selected the most talented novice filmmakers, 14 screenwriters and 7 directors from all over the country. This anthology film will consists of 7 stories: ‘Photo for happiness’, ‘Chances in dances’, ‘Darling’, ‘Brothers’, ‘Dreamer’, ‘The most important player’ and ‘The Seventh’. The first novel with which we started shooting, - ‘Photo for happiness’, directed by Anna Mitafidi, starring by Aglaya Tarasova and Nikita Volkov.
More about it, photos and videos here.