She – feature film

How expensive is her love? Or it costs nothing? Where is she going? How old is she? And who is she, the new heroine of our time? Just – SHE. In this movie the audience will see some adventurous schemes money making, the planned meetings and special dates organized by the heroine who has three different names – Vera, Nadia, Liouba. She is a young perefection and tired and devasted woman at the same time. But why do all men of different ages love her? Because she is easygoing, outstanding and she loves adventures. Beautiful cars, interiors ans streets of Moscow will make this movie even more beautiful.  

Director Maria Agranovich

Writer  Maria Agranovich

Producer Dmitry Dobuzhinsky

Cast Darya Minga, Sergey Garmash and etc

ParkCinema production by order of Ministry of Culture RF.