Based on Anna Malysheva's novel.
Sasha Korzukhina’s mother, whom she hasn’t seen for years, suddenly appears on her doorstep. The woman is trying to re-establish relationship with her daughter, but, all of a sudden, vanishes. The next day an investigator comes to Sasha’s workshop: he is looking for her mother, who is a suspect of murder and theft of a unique silver statuette - the truffle dog. Despite of the complicated relationship Sasha has with her mom, who abandoned her when Sasha was a teenager, Korzukhina can’t stay away from the case and tries to figure out what really happened. Her own investigation leads her to the real criminals, who are not going to stop at anything in the pursuit of profit.

Director Oleg Shtorm
Writer Olga Motina
DP Oleg Ivanov

Producers Dmitriy Shutko, Ruben Dishdishyan (gen.), Anna Bochkareva (exec.), Dmitry Dobuzhinsky (exec.)
Cast Elena Velikanova, Dmitriy Bederin, Lubov Germanova, Valeriy Storozhik, Maksim Shegolev, etc

ParkCinema production by order of Mars Media Entertainment, for TVC.