Based on Anna Malysheva's novel.
Sasha Korzukhina, a talented restorer, is suddenly a suspect in a murder case - a famous antiquarian Lygin is killed. Sasha was at his place last night - she came at his request but didn’t find anybody at the countryside house. When she returned the next morning, Lygin’s body was there. A few days after Sasha is at the crime scene again - a collector is murdered, and again, Sasha was supposed to meet him. Captain Grekov has some serious suspicions about Sasha, and she has no choice but to find the murderer herself, trying to understand what he’s been looking for and why he’s always one step ahead.

Director Nikolay Baryshnikov
Writer Dmitriy Shutko, Natalya Shishkova, Olga Motina
DP Igor Minakov
Producers Dmitriy Shutko, Ruben Dishdishyan (gen.), Anna Bochkareva (exec.), Dmitry Dobuzhinsky (exec.)
Cast Elena Velikanova, Alexander Konstantinov, Lubov Germanova, Valeriy Storozhik, Maksim Shegolev, etc

ParkCinema production by order of Mars Media Entertainment, for TVC.