Based on Anna Malysheva's novel.
Living through a personal and professional crisis, Sasha agrees to consult the police, during the investigations involving different pieces of art. To help Captain Grekov find theatrical artist’s murderer Sasha has to restore the portrait of an unknown woman. Soon the realizes that artist’s death was neither the first nor the last one in the series of mysterious demises in the theatre – and the game is now on between the murderer and Korzhukhina. The game, where the main bet is not only Sasha’s life, but also someone’s she cares about.

Director Oleg Shtorm
Screenwriter Bella Pribyvalova, Olga Larionova
DP Oleg Ivanov

Producers Dmitriy Shutko, Ruben Dishdishyan (gen.), Anna Bochkareva (exec.), Dmitry Dobuzhinsky (exec.)
Cast Elena Velikanova, Dmitriy Bederin, Lubov Germanova, Valeriy Storozhik,  Maksim Shegolev, etc

Parkcinema production by order of Mars Media Entertainment, for TVC.