Alexandra Korzukhina receives an offer to restore and old, 16-century carved panel, bought at an auction in Belgium. However, she is unable to get down to work: the courier, who’s supposed to bring this unique artwork, has been murdered on the doorstep of Sasha’s workshop, and the panel is gone. From this very moment, Sasha becomes an involuntary participant in the mortal race after this artifact, which turns out to be not only a piece of art but also a key to unravelling the family secret of the infinite treasures.

Director Oleg Shtorm
Writer Elena Bykovskaya, Bella Pribyvalova, Natalya Shishkova, Dmitriy Shutko
DP Oleg Ivanov

Producers Dmitriy Shutko, Ruben Dishdishyan (gen.), Anna Bochkareva (exec.), Dmitry Dobuzhinsky (exec.)

Cast Elena Velikanova, Lubov Germanova, Valeriy Storozhik, Maksim Shegolev, etc

ParkCinema production by order of Mars Media Entertainment, for TVC.