The Second Marriage - 2015

Nastya Okuneva comes to Moscow and gets a job at a large construction company run by her deceased mother's friend Kira Georgievna. But Nastya's life is called into question when suddenly Kira dies. Now her single and handsome son Gleb is the boss. To Nastya's surprise, he starts giving her some attention and even proposes. Young woman can't believe such happy things really happen to her. If only she knew Gleb already has a fiancée - Marina - and proposed just to get the inheritance his mother has left to Nastya. Which of the two girls is going to be Gleb's wife since a fortune teller already predicted that only the second marriage is going to be a happy one for him?

Director Oleg Massarygin

Writer Sergey Tkachev
DP Vladimir Kislitsyn
Producers Ruben Dishdishyan, Aram Movsesyan
Executive producer Dmitry Dobuzhinsky

Cast Margarita Adaeva, Ivan Zhidkov, Larisa Domaskina, Natali Starynkevich, Vitaliy Kudryavtsev, Aleksander Bobrov, Sergey Stepin, Pavel Shevando, Angelina Pritumanova, Nail Abdrahmanov, Valentin Stepanov

ParkCinema production by order of Mars Media Entertainment, for TVC.