«The Black Cats» TV series, 12 episodes - 2013

Director - Evgeny Lavrentiev
Idea - Andrey Radko
Written by Vladimir Semenovih with Yuri Stukalin
DOP - Gennady Meder
Art director - Maria Turskaya
Costume designer - Maxim Pasilov
Make-up artist - Marina Krasnyak

Cast - Pavel Derevyanko, Marina Konaskina, Pavel Trubiner, Olga Lomonosova, Andrey Smirnov, Evgeny Sidikhin, Egor Barinov, Igor Savochkin, Mikhail Khmurov, Alexander Suvorov, Viktor Stepanyan and others.

1974. Rostov-on-Don. In a country bled dry by war, famine and destruction reign.The bread, literally, costs like a gold and the human life is nothing. The number of crimes increases, new gangs controlling whole cities appear. Just like the black cats they appear in the black of the night and easily escape the crime place.
Rostov gang is robbing a product warehouse leaving bloody traces. Criminal investigator, major Yegor Dragoon suspects that they are not common criminals. His suspicions are justified: former members of the Wehrmacht are masked by bandits. Their real purpose is to capture the famous German scientist who is in a POW camp in the territory of Rostov-on-Don. In Germany the scientist was working on the atomic bomb creation. If he appears in Argentina where fascist groups moved after the war, a nuclear war may start.
The purpose of Dragoon and his team  is to find and neutralize the perpetrators. The help comes unexpectedtidly - from the real criminals. United for a common goal they will not give another war.