«So happens!» TV movie - 2007

For "RTR" TV company

Director - A. Fenchenko

Starring - I. Levanova, E. Semenova

Producers - D. Dobuzhinsky, D. Shutko, V. Onuchin

Executive produer - O. Kochetkova

Kira is left with a child by her husband. Years pass, the bitterness of betrayal stops rto hurt the soul, life gradually filled with the small joys. The new worshiper Vadim is smart and a decent man offers her hand and heart.
Even former mother-in-law favors the man and blesses ex-daughter-in-law to a new marriage. Suddenly, the ex-husban Alexey appears on the doorstep. Literally on his knees, he begs his wife to take him back. The daughter who never stopped loving the father is also asking mother to forgive him. Kira heart is torn apart, she can not make a decision. A girlfriend advices her to live with both – lover and husband, but this is not an option for Kira. Meanwhile it turns out that has a new family and child Alexei in the North...