«Your stop, madam!» TV movie - 2008

For "RTR" TV company

Written by P. Ivanov, A. Korenkov

Director - S. Komarov

Cast - A. Kazuchic, K. Pletnev, K. Grebenschikov

Producers - D. Dobuzhinsky, D. Shutko, A. Kushaev

If you are a provincial who dreams to conquer the big city, you should not look for easy ways to the heights of well-being – the bitter experience of Lera is the approval for that. Just after arriving from a village she started to look for a worthy life partner. And how could it be otherwise? The marriage with an energetic and promising man is the best way to gain all city benefits in a short time! Lera meets who is worthy in all respects. However her matrimonial plans crumble in a second: Roma dumbfounded her by the news that he is leaving  to United States for good and already got the coveted visa.
Lera feels humiliated and insulted - so desired happiness was just around the corner! Having decided to take a revenge she married his best friend Nicholai.