Feature Film «Moscow Chill» - 2007

Director - Chris Solimine

Starring - Norman Reedus («Blade 2» and others)

Producers - A. Konchalovsky, D. Dobuzhinsky, with the support of Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation

Shooting took place in Moscow and the Moscow region.

Post Production process took place in Los Angeles.

Sometimes funny, sometimes strange and sometimes brutal story of an American computer hacker named Ray, who was brought to Russia by order of the jailed oligarch. Ray must track down illegal money hidden in the International System of bank transfers and steal them. Under the close supervision of customers - Russian businessmen - the hacker gets to work.

Gradually he realizes that he was in a strange and very dangerous world where laws and regulations, which he does not know and does not understand. One day he meets a girl named Maya, and, of course, falls in love with her ...
Ray makes a successful break-in, but instead the award and serene life with his beloved,  he is getting into a big trouble. Ray realizes that in this large and dangerous game he has the role of the victim, and now he has to do everything possible in order to survive and to save those who are dear to him.