Feature Film «Night Nurses» - 2007

Director - А. Muradov

Cast - А. Makarov, К. Zaitseva, M. Konovalov, O.L omonosova, E. Stychkin, D. Spivakovsky, A. Kortnev, A. Mirimskaya, Е. Podkaminskaya, V. Grishechkin to name but a few

Producer - D. Shutko

General producer - P. Anurov, D. Dobuzhinsky

Executive producer - O. Maximova

The shoot took place in one of the historic mansions near Moscow.

“Mercedes” with Moscow numbers is crashing near a provincial pension. Kirill Shnek – a young and handsome “assistant to the councellor of the Presindent of the Russian Federation” as it’s written in his ID is got to this place.
The night shift which received the distressed, consisting of a doctor Larissa and nurses Vera, Marina and Lubasha immediately start think about the chance that the fate might share with one  of them - young, beautiful, but disordered women.
After recovering from a light concussion, the «sick» started to behave like a boss, ordering to each of the women his «services». It is very difficult for young women to resist the temptation ...