Feature Film «Nasha Russia. Eggs of Destiny» - 2010

Written by  S.Slepakov, V.Dusmukhametov, A.Lyaprov

Director - G.Orlov

Cast - S.Svetlakov, M.Galustyan, V. Magdiaș, V. Verzhbitsky, A. Semchev, R.Madyanov, Ya.Romanova, N.Baskov

Producers - A. Janibekyan, R.Dishdishyan, A. Movsesyan, S. Danielyan, А.Dulerain, R.Petrenko, S. Burkhanova, D.Dobuzhinsky

Rafshan and Dzhumzhud are 2 workers from Nubarashen who illegally come to Moscow, where the foreman Leonid got the order for super expensive repair from an oligarch. After losing their "natsaynika" Rafshan and Dzhumzhud are trying to find and rescue him, causing destruction and chaos everywhere. But in the most hopeless situation the destiny faces the heroes - Rafshan and Dzhumzhud find a big secret that will change everything ...